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Trench coat

It's a firmer fabric than I expected, and it's a coat that you can wear from a little cold to early spring. I am satisfied with the feeling of wearing it.

Thank you

I did. I want to wear it in the summer


Good shopping
Thank you

It was cute!

Thank you!

Maybe it's good for the coming season

The fabric is very slippery and comfortable to wear. Is the see-through part of the sleeve static electricity? Because of this, it doesn't look as bulging as the photo, and it's not very transparent. It's as dark as black tights. I think it's for people who don't want to see through.

Anyway, fashionable

Best Crosses in front of me, and it's better to wear it, and the line is beautiful. ❣️ It looks tall and I like it the best. My friends also liked it 👍! ️


The material is also solid.
However, it is difficult to tie the ribbon on the back that you are supposed to tie yourself (because the length is short).) It looks like a dumpling
It's cute as you can see from the front.

Thank you.

It seems to be easy to use

The pleats on the hem are sewn without fluttering. If it is not sewn, the pleats will disappear as a material, but I feel worried when walking.

But it seems to be easy to use. I like it because it has a unique design.

Not bad

Overall The material is ... Above all, the hook parts are cheap, so I feel that it is difficult to wear. The design and atmosphere itself isn't bad, but ... the price is reasonable

It was very popular

It was very cute ❣️ Everyone praised me and I feel good 💖

As the image

The texture and image were the same. Satisfied

A little ...

It's a pity that the waist part that is fastened with Velcro is a little lumpy and it looks like I'm hungry.

Fashionable and cool

Dance event I am using it for.Very cool and popular

Nice dress
It's a nice dress as you can see in the image
I'm planning to wear it at the entrance ceremony, so I haven't gone out yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.

The volume of the frills is 〇
The fabric is solid and has the same quality as the photo. One unfortunate thing is that the belt that came with it had few holes, and I couldn't find one that fits my waist.


Dark fashion personally I like it. The dress I bought this time was also very good ~ \ (^ o ^) / I'm always looking forward to it.

With the quality you can imagine Satisfied

It's very easy to wear, and the color is pure white like snow! Since it is
, I think that the personal color is a very suitable item for winter people.

Black Heartback

It was a cute and fashionable bag!

Flare shirt

Very nice clothes It became my favorite!
It seems that you can coordinate various things!
I thought it would be easy to understand if the height of the model person and the size worn by the model person were listed.
I would like to take care of you again!
Thank you m (_ _) m

Your feet look beautiful increase!

I bought the S size with 162 cm 55 kg.
The length and waist were just right, but when I put it on, my butt got caught a little and I was wondering if it could be torn.
The length of the zipper that opens, not the fabric that stretches? However, it's rather short, so even if the waist is narrow, I think that people who are doing butt training and like big butt should be careful.
But, as others have said, my legs look very beautiful, so I'm glad I bought it.

Be careful of shoulder width and sleeve length, but it's fashionable! !!

I was attracted to the design of the lining and bought it.
I'm glad I bought it because it was fashionable.
However, I bought the S size, but the shoulder width and sleeve length were still quite long.
Height 162 cm, weight 55 kg.
I haven't measured the shoulder width, so I don't know.
I like the design, so there is no problem, but in the end, I put it out to have the shoulder width 5 cm on the left and right and the sleeve length 8 cm on each side.
I think the reason why the sleeve length is quite long is that my arms are short and I don't like long sleeves.
Length and chest circumference are loose and just right.

Design that everyone says is cool

It's cool where you bought it! Was told by several people! !! It's a little heavy, but the waist isn't too tight with rubber, and it looks like a neat style, so it's great to match anything!

Imagine a cute dress It was exactly as I did
I felt that it was a little difficult to wash and iron, so I would be grateful if you could make it from a material that does not easily wrinkle.
I will wear a lot.
Thank you ^ _ ^